Ednounce Web Art Academy (EWAA)

EWAA is a professional career training outfit where Art practice is addressed beyond traditional perspectives in Nigeria and Africa at large. We are a new breed 21st century creative design centre that explores the potentials of modern technologies to express creative innovations, produce strategic designers and thinkers who initiate cross-brand and cross-media experiences and are taught to adapt and grow with change.

Our focus here is training in Web Art. The Web Art programmes anticipate new and emerging platforms in the technologically-enhanced creative design industry while instructing students in the aesthetics of design traditionally to meet contemporary communication challenges. We adopt cutting-edge digital tools to secure positions in areas of expertise such as interaction design, web design, experience design, information architecture design, interface design, visual design for print, interactive e-publications and mobile devices as well as for video, audio, motion graphics, interactive information graphics, touch-screen and mobile interaction.

Students in the EWAA are career-minded creative web artists who insist on nothing less than the most up-to-date techniques of information and communication paired with intelligent concept development that prepare students to secure opportunities working for the most recognizable creative companies, organisations and educational institutions worldwide.

EWAA enjoins you to grab this unique opportunity to explore the exciting, challenging, growing world of web enterprise.


Course Title: Foundation in Web Art
Course Code: FWA01
Duration: 5 days (30 minutes daily)

1. Download course description/syllabus below
2. Download registration form below
2. Pay non-refundable course fee of $10.00
3. Send evidence of payment to webartacademy@ednounce.com from a valid email address.
4. You will receive invitation CODE or LINK to join the class through the email you provided.
5. You will receive a digital certificate through same email you provided.
6. Call 08136622424 for further information.

Who May Enroll for Our Classes?

  • Artists
  • Designers
  • Mass Communicators
  • Theatre Artists
  • Any other interested persons

Available Professional Courses:

  1. Foundation in Web Art (FWA)
  2. Certificate in Web Art (CWA)
  3. Diploma in Web Art (DWA)
  4. Associate in Web Art (AWA)

Course Description/Syllabus: Download PDF

Registration Form: Download PDF | JPG
Submit filled form to webartacademy@ednounce.com

For further inquiry, contact:
The Director, Ednounce Web Art Academy (EWAA)
Tel: +234 (0) 8136622424
Email: webartacademy@ednounce.com
Website: www.ednounce.com

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